Charlevoix MI Lighting Upgrade

by Emil on May 27, 2012

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Low-voltage Track Lighting Upgrade at the Circle of Arts in Charlevoix Michigan

Another great project from Indesign is this track lighting upgrade for the Circle of Arts in Charlevoix, MI. This new lighting is a quantum leap over what the arts center had before, which were old fluorescent fixtures that had a loud continuous hum.  These new track lights are perfect to highlight art work.

Master Electrical Contractor Northern Michigan

The 12 volt halogen MR 16 lamps come in a variety of wattages and beam spreads. So if your trying to light up a particular piece from far away you can use a higher wattage lamp with a narrower beam spread.

Also this set up is the  ultimate in versatility, all the heads can be moved anywhere on the track and pointed in any direction. Whenever a new show is being displayed the lights can be moved and aimed to perfectly illuminate each piece.

The first show with the new lighting is open for viewing now, so if you happen to be in Charlevoix why not stop in and see what the local artists have created for all to enjoy!

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