Resort Township Hall Is Going Green

by Emil on February 6, 2012

in Commercial Electrical

Master Electrical ContractorMaster Electrical ContractorEnergy Efficient Lighting Upgrade For The Resort Township Hall

These are some pictures of the Green energy efficient lighting upgrade I just completed for the Resort Township Hall in Petoskey Michigan. The new T8 style fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast I’ve installed are much more energy efficient, while at the same time providing more light, than the previous (and soon to be obsolete) T12 style lamps and magnetic ballast. The salesman Mike Meyer from Standard Electric did an initial cost analysis for me. This is a service they do for free. They take the lights you have and calculate how much per year you will save by switching to the new style which in turn tells you how long the pay off will be. In this case it will take about three years for the new lights to pay for themselves.

In my mind this is a “no brainer” the new style lamps and fixtures have an approximate life span of 20,000 hours. So depending on usage they can expect them to last between six and nine years. This equates to thousands of dollars in savings over time. I was speaking with Den Tippet the other day. He is plant manager at Jervis Webb’s Harbor Springs plant. He recently got a call from his accounting dept. located in Farmington Hills and they were shocked at how low the utility bills have become now that they have switched over to the new lights I’ve been installing. They thought there must have been an error somewhere in the system!

So if you own a business in Northern Michigan and are looking for a way to cut operating expenses just look up at your outdated lighting and call Select Electric for a free quote today!

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